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Monday, June 18, 2007

Update - running and gaming

Last week was kinda a poor showing for me on the running front. I think I did (as previously mentioned) 6 on sunday the 10th, then 5 on monday, then off on tuesday, 5 on wednesday, off on thursday, and I planned to do 5 on friday, but I helped my dad move some stuff, ate pizza, then went and tried to run at 8pm. I cut it down to 4 miles, but then only really ran 3 of the 4. =(

Didn't run Saturday/Sunday either, even though I kinda meant to both days.

Ran Werewolf on Saturday. It went well. It sparked some after gaming conversation - also Maddie was kind enough to listen to me ramble/rant about RPG theory and gaming for like 3 hours on Sunday - but it brought up discussion about various meta-gaming topics. During the course of the session, the characters were somewhat beat up, and on their way back to their lair when I plunked down something shiny - where "something shiny" equals the shadow of a log cabin in the spirit world, filled with webs - this almost certainly meant Azlu, the Spider Hosts. The players bit, and their characters (bloodied) went in to investigate, and were WALLOPED by the Azlu hiding inside, its presence practically promised. In truth, I was rolling really really well, and they were rolling poorly. It nailed two of the characters with wicked hits, and they didn't get a hit in at it. They bolted. The discussion after had to do with there being some small feeling of "Well you put it there in front of us, apparently you meant for us to check it out. Why did you put a big-bad-monster in our way when we were already hurt?". Which of course leads in to hours of me going on about "living world" vs "linear/fixed/arcade/video game style", and how I put it there so that the players/characters would have to make a choice. There was an obvious implied threat about the place. They were bleeding already. Would they check it out anyway, or pass it up? RPGs are about making choices, the more difficult the choice/more consequences related to the decision, the better.

Good times!

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