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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Updates on stuff

Quickly, because I'm busy at work today..

Krissi has been involved in a production of the play Oklahoma our our local theater, the Desoto Family Theater. She's enjoyed it mostly, and griped about it a little. I'm glad that she's had the opportunity to get into this, as she takes to Theater like I take to Role Playing Games. So I think its fantastic, and I've gone to see one of the shows, and am going again this evening.

Her folks were staying with us over the weekend, and I developed a quick cold virus, so so I did run on Friday and Saturday of last week, but I did not run Sunday, Monday or Tuesday. I did run on Wednesday, did 5 in ~50 minutes, which is cool. It rained cats and dogs on me part of the time, and I had my new running hat on, and I was so glad to get out and do a run, as I felt overdue. The Firecracker 5k is this coming Tuesday, the 3rd. I'm a tad nervous, not about the run itself, but about how my time will stack up to last year. Its silly, and no big deal, but it still makes me just a touch anxious.

We watched Death of a President last night, a faux documentary that is set some time after the assassination of George W. Bush. It talks about the assassination and the investigation and reaction afterward. It is, of course, political, and I enjoyed it. Know what's scary? Dick Fucking Cheney at the helm.

I think that's it. The rest of my time has been filled with Hearts of Iron 2, TSoY Drow, and other funness.

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