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Monday, June 4, 2007

I am vain, and I will brag

Running goes pretty well.

Last week, I did Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 4 miles each day. Did them in or close to 40 minutes each.

In addition I've been doing as many underhand and overhand chin-ups, push ups and some sit ups (blech, hate sit ups) as I can do.

But I've noticed some real difference. The diet is helping as well. I picked up some extra weight over the winter, since I was a huge slacker and did not run for months and months, or do any other form of exercise, really. I've managed to drop that extra weight, visibly speaking. I'm not one of the guys from 300 yet, but I'm pretty pleased with myself in the mirror.

More running in the forecast this week.

Firecracker 5K soon... Printed out the registration forms for the St. Jude Half Marathon for the end of this year... I need to replace my shoes probably. I'm a bit nervous about the Firecracker. My time last year was pretty good, and of course I'm tempted to try to beat it. But I do not feel that I'm in any better shape than I was last year, so I'm fearful of failing to beat my time. I just need to run hard and see if I can pull it off, I think.

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