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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Day 65: Hueys, post Watchmen

From 365

I picked up the Watchmen trade paperback fairly recently. I was never really a comic nerd. Surprisingly, some of my friends are comic nerds, and yet I'm the only one to have read it.

We went and saw the movie Friday night. We all enjoyed it. Its impossible not to compare the book and the movie. The movie was very faithful in most respects to the book. There were parts that were dropped or shortened, either for simplicity or for the sake of time. And while I'm sure that Alan Moore and purists would argue that it does in fact completely destroy it, I say that the movie is still a great story. It does mostly capture the spirit of the comic. There are some minor differences, and some slightly-more-than-minor differences. But it's good. But you should totally grab the comic and read it. Catching all of the stuff in the comic that was not in the movie is very very very worth it.

We all went to Hueys afterward to chit chat. I have to mention my friend Jeremy, who is a lucky S.O.B., he's had two wrecks in a week, one on a motorcycle. He's fine, but quite sore. I really feel bad for him. He's a car nerd, and the first wreck was in his beloved SRX, which took some serious damage, but is not totaled, and will be able to be repaired. AND THEN, he laid his motorcycle down. Like I said he's fine, and we're all glad for it. Hopefully, this was his run of bad karma and he's good for a long long while.

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