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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Day 72: ISO 400

From 365

So, about my photography project.

I think I've mentioned that I have not had the pleasure of taking a photography class. This is something that I have resolved to correct in the not-too-distant future. Hence, things like F Stop and F Number, and gobs and gobs of other stuff are all new concepts to me. Shutter speed I've mostly got, though I did entertain myself for a few minutes, experimenting with shutter speed vs how much light it would capture.

Almost everything I've been shooting has been on auto. I've begun exploring the Manual setting. WoooooOOOOooooo! I know, right?

And frankly, its rather intimidating and almost overwhelming. Shutter speed, ISO, Aperture/F-stop, and that's before I even start really tinkering with photometry, white balance, focus mode, etc. Speaking of focus, the one minor bone I have to pick with my camera is that the autofocus likes to act up. I end up struggling with it fairly regularly. There is a manual focus, but.... well, I'll discuss that in my next post.

So anyway, that's us at our friends place watching Night Watch. Woo!

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