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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Here's my gripe about firearms.

What do people use firearms for? And I mean actually use them for. Hunting. Practice shooting. Killing people in churches, schools, and small towns. Oh yeah, and occasionally shooting and killing someone that's trying to hurt or kill someone else.

Call me biased. Call the media biased. Sadly, I see lots of law abiding and legal gun owners who are very zealous about their guns, and very steadfast, willing or even eager to use them in defense of their lives or property, and I see lots and lots of gun crime. Just to go ahead and nip this, saying "See! This one dude used his gun to shoot and kill a VERY BAD PERSON who was trying to use a firearm illegally!" does not work for me. Its still gun violence. It does not solve anything. It is an isolated case of someone meeting violence with violence, and taking one bad guy off of the street. Forgive me if I'm not overwhelmed with joy and amazement.

I started to write that my beef is not with gun owners. But I suppose it is. I just don't believe that guns are effective at solving anything. Killing people, absolutely. But not at solving problems. Gun owners say that their guns are for their own protection, yet in the US, we see gun violence on a daily basis. And 99 times out of 100, its bad guys killing bad guys, or bad guys killing innocent people. Legitimate gun owners aren't even in the equation. So I ask you: What's the use? Until we either arm everyone in the country, and make absolutely sure that they're using their firearms responsibly, or we take guns off the street (yeah, I'll say it, make them illegal in the US. Flame me.), we will continue to see gun violence.


(For my gun loving buddies, this is not me being passive aggressive toward you, just me ranting.)

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