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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Day 74: Lonnie's

Our favorite place to eat, Lonnie Tant's, its at 1306 Goodman Rd in Southaven, MS. Go eat there!

We'd driven past it a hundred times. One evening we decided to go out for food, and on a lark, I suggested that we go try it out. It was in the later part of the evening, after the supper rush, and it was just us and a few other customers in there. A fellow stopped and chatted with us, and as we sat and ate, we conversed about beer and food with this guy, who turned out to be Lonnie, the owner. And the delicious food, and Lonnie's great charisma and personal care for his customers is what keeps us going back. If you go, I suggest the Tantaroni, though the Ham and Salami and Cheese is also a favorite of mine. The italian dressing that they put on it, which they make themselves, is amazing.

Go eat at Lonnie's.

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