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Friday, March 13, 2009


Do you ever type up a post about something, and stop in the middle of it, and think about it for a minute, and wonder if you're really crazy and COMPLETELY narcissistic, and maybe kindof a jerk, and then get fed up and frustrated with the whole post, and with questioning your topic and tone and style and so forth? And wonder "Why am I even bothering to type this?" Cause I do.


Anonymous said...

ALL THE FREAKIN' TIME. Except not with blog entries, but with comments.

In fact, right now I

Jerm said...

"In fact, right now I"

Michael, I thought this was a funny and humorously appropriate comment. Just for the record though, feel free to comment on here. Sometimes it feels like I'm yelling my insanity into a void, and so its both rewarding and sometimes grounding when I get a reply. Even if the reply is super rambly/long/etc.