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Friday, March 27, 2009

Gearing up for some Labyrinth Lord

Sooooooo, it looks like tomorrow I'll be running a 'demo' Labyrinth Lord game for a few people.

I keep referring to it as 'demo' because, at least for me, it separates it distinctly from a 'non-demo' game. For me, its all about expectations. In a demo game, we will all agree that no one is super familiar with the material and mechanics, and things might be slow and/or wonky, but that we'll push through it. Its about experimentation, trial and error, and testing.

I'm super excited because I've been fiddling with Labyrinth Lord stuff in my head for weeks now, and this should be a fantastic outlet for all of this pent up energy.

I'm a tad nervous about it, since, well, I've never played in or run a game of it, and so the material and some of the mechanics are either foreign to me, or still somewhat unfamiliar. For instance, I'm going to try running without a mat and grid. This was how I played D&D for years and years, until 3.x, and I've become so accustomed to that style of play that its strange and intimidating to think of playing without it. I kinda have no idea how I'm going to keep up with more than three or four monsters, and keep the players in the same headspace that I am, and track mechanical stuff like hit points and so forth.

But I'm excited.

I'm excited about rolling Random Wandering Monsters.

I'm excited about somewhat arbitrary traps and monsters.

I'm excited about the prospect of killing a character or three. (!!!!!!)

I'm excited about kicking it old school.

3D6, straight down, baby.

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