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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Day 73: What's my focal distance, people?

From 365

Serious. Can someone help me out?

I took some experiment shots, with an object in the immediate foreground, and some stuff in the medium distance, and played with macro and super macro, and focal distance. I guess, still being a newbie, I like the cheap thrills of objects close up being in focus, and stuff at a distance being blurry. Since pretty much learning as I go, by trial and error, I'm taking series' of photos and then comparing the differences in what I took, and trying to learn from that.

What I was trying to do here was to play with the focal length (is that even the right term?) Here is the same shot, with the medium distance stuff in focus. I achieved this by playing with the manual focus, which obviously does work, but it slightly annoying on my camera, because I have to be in manual mode, and I have to hold down a button and use my zoom lever to focus. And it doesn't have any kind of indicator aside from simply seeing how sharp the stuff is in front of me. And I figured there'd be some kind of numerical reference for its focal length, but all of those pictures have the same info - focal length 6.3mm. I guess I need to go read about it.

So anyway. I'm still learning, a lot. And slowly. But I'm enjoying myself. I need to figure out what the hell a macro is too, since I'm familiar with macros in the computer sense.

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