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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2008 recap/2009 look ahead

If I don't do this now, I feel as though it will not get done.

I'll be as brief as is possible.

2008 has been a pretty good year for us. Not a whole lot has changed. But that's about to change too. No major job changes for Krissi or I. No housing changes, no family changes (sortof, see '2009'), no deaths or any major events in my immediate family, though my maternal grandmother passed away the very end of 2008. In early 2008, I brought our werewolf game to a close, and then picked up a D&D 4e game that has been a real blast. I always wish that I got more gaming done, but really it comes down to time and attention, and it seems that I have only enough of those things for one real game at a time. I almost lied about no job changes. Although neither of us have changed jobs, we both took pay cuts this year. Neither of these were 'demotions' or performance related, instead our employers are trying to stay afloat. It sucks, but I'll gladly take a pay decrease over a job loss. Running sortof sucked this year for me. Naturally, I quit when it got cold, and to be honest, I don't feel like I really got good and into it even when it was warm enough. I'd intended to do the St Jude Marathon in 2008, but it did not happen, partly due to me being a slacker about my training schedule, partly due to financial constraints. Oh - we paid off a lot of debt in 2008. We now have only one big nasty outstanding credit card, and its on its way out the door as well. I think that it will be paid off around March or April. I'm sure a half dozen things will come to mind within 10 minutes after posting this, but that's my quick wrapup for '08.

2009.... it'll be a year of major changes, that's for sure. Maddie is bound to have twins any second now. Krissi is due the beginning of April. I feel like we're on a roller coaster poised right on the brink of the huge downhill plunge. If I seem completely terrified, as well as excited, that's because I am. Having a child is terrific and exciting for me. Feeling like *everything* about my life is changing is completely terrifying. Speaking of my life and changes, I'd love to do some more gaming in '09, and I am sure that it will happen, but I'm going to be pretty conservative in my goal setting for this year. I would love to be able to continue our D&D game. I would love to run some Shadowrun here and there. We're hoping that in 2009, Krissi's job situation will take a turn for the better. I'm hoping that we can leave these economically troubled times behind us. Oh, I nearly forgot, I'm super excited about Obama being in office. Oh, and I'm looking forward to Hearts of Iron 3 coming out in 2009.

Okay, that's as brief as I can make it. Thanks for tuning in!

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