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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Picasa Debacle


So I'm not a violent person, but this time when I say that I want to Punch Someone In The Face, I'm really serious. And this time, its Picasa.

First- I love Picasa. I use it for my offline photo database, because it rocks. I've used it for awhile for uploading some photos to picasaweb. And recently I've used it for my 365 project, to upload pics to picasaweb, and then linking them from my blog.

This morning I woke up, loaded up picasa, and it started to index my photos, as though I was introducing all of these photos to picasa for the first time. I thought it was kindof weird, but I was not crazy concerned, until I noticed that it only had 4 entries for 365. I looked a little harder, and sure enough, it only shows 4 photos in my 365 album in picasa. Odd. So I check the online picasaweb album, where all of my 365 pics are linked from, and OH HEY! only 4 photos! Which means that of course all of the photos on my blog are now broken. So, frantically, I begin trying to re-sync my web album, and I notice that while I'm doing so, its intermittently fixing my broken photos links. Some are magically returning, while others remain broken. So, I spent an hour and a half this morning uploading photos to Flickr and editing/fixing my posts. Grr!

For 'Well it could have been worse' perspective: I'm glad it did this in January, instead of waiting to ambush me months later. Fixing ~20 posts and photos is far more simple than fixing ~100 or so.

/angry rant

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