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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Day 3 (commentary added)


There's a story to this, but mostly, I'm still experimenting. I'm experimenting with the camera itself, and with the pictures that I take, and with the pictures that I'll end up using for my 365. For now, I seem fixated on Macro shots of close up stuff.

This chain is holding shut the back gate on the chain link fence in my grandmother's yard. She died on December 31, 2008. We were not especially close, but it was good for me to be with my mom, to help her out with stuff during this time. That back gate separated my grandmother's backyard from a large park. It's almost got a Narnia feel to it. The very back of my grandmother's back yard was thick with pine trees and shrubs, so getting to the gate always felt a little like a trip into the woods, and then through the gate was this park with a huge wooden kid's jungle gym/adventure fort kind of thing. Also, a tennis court, one of those metal spinning deals that you can get on, and then try to hang onto while someone else spins it. Also, a horse showing arena. And eventually, when dusk arrived, we'd go back through that little gate, shut it behind us, secure the chain and lock, and leave the park behind us.

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