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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Day 19: Emergency Room


So everyone had a good scare, when M&J's twins were taken in for their scheduled postnatal checkup, the doc told them that their weights were a little low, they were a little dehydrated, and then, that their temperatures were down, and to take them straight to LeBonheur Hospital.

Switching viewpoints for a moment, I got a heads up from Krissi around noon or shortly after that they were headed there, but it seemed to be Nothing Crazy Scary. Then M called me at like 3 or so and told me about how's they'd seemingly stopped breathing shortly after arrival at LeBonheur (!!!!!!!!!!), and that they were hooked up to all kinds of machinery and such... so I went up there, kindof expecting the worst. I saw M just briefly, obviously they had their hands full. I made some arrangements to take care of their animals in case they were going to be there for awhile and then left. I headed back to work, and then eventually, home for the evening. I waited around on pins and needles for a few hours, till finally I heard from M around 7:30 that they were stable, and the Big Drama Trouble was past, and that they had some serious jaundice, and that they were testing them for infection and so forth.

Anyway, Big Scare time is over, and hopefully they'll be out of there on Wednesday or Thursday.

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