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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Day 12: Labor and Delivery

Shortly after 6AM on Monday, we got the phone call. Maddie's water had broken at about 4:30, and they were at the hospital. Krissi and I made arrangements for work and headed up to the hospital. Everything was looking good, and Maddie was in good spirits. She was contracting, but slowly, and so we all hung out, goofed off and played some board games. Sometime around mid-afternoon, the contractions started to get serious. They got more and more painful, and finally she went ahead and got an epidural. Afterward, she was in much better spirits, and we all chatted till sometime around 4AM, when the epidural wore off, and she began doing serious contracting again.


This is some of us standing in the hall, waiting to be let back in as they change her linens and such.

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