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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Climate Change

I may end up sounding completely crazy, or at least mostly crazy here.

I'll be honest, I've long regarded end of the world, and apocalypse scenarios as highly entertaining fiction. Escatology has, to me, been the domain of religious Revelations fans, and conspiracy theorists. So its alarming now to see it popping up in the headlines. Obviously people have been talking about global warming and climate change for some time, but this shit is getting scary.

Some estimates say that by 2013, there will be no ice left in the Arctic. According to these theories, not only will we get an increase in sea levels around the world, it will also result in the release of methane and carbon dioxide of sufficient levels to create a runaway greenhouse effect.

Granted, there are a lot of things about the climate that we not fully understand, or that we cannot accurately predict, but I'm not a big fan of gambling when the odds are Win Ten Bucks or Slowly Cook To Death.

I feel all wide-eyed and kooky, but frankly, this shit is terrifying. I don't know whether to start digging my Deep Underground Self Sustaining Biohome, or to just imagine that everything is peachy-keen, and that I'll be able to retire to the Bahamas when I'm 60.

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