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Tuesday, January 20, 2009



I was thrilled to watch the inauguration on my PC at work, while listening to in on NPR. Sadly, I was nowhere near as cool as Lindsey, who got to go and stand on the Mall during the ceremony.

I have to admit that since his victory in the election, I have had a ridiculous fascination with all things related to the Secret Service, and to his security. I could stare at grainy photos of secret service guys in dark SUVs with submachine guns all day long. Call it a weird voyeuristic concern. So yeah, articles on CNN about his armored bunker limo, and counter snipers and stuff just gets me all quivery. Seriously, for some reason I feel like personally involved with this dude, and am terrified of the thought of someone managing to do some harm to him. I read enough to know that there are some assholes who would love to do so. So yay, Secret Service!!. For real though, my stomach was clenched the entire time that he was walking during the parade.

Also: John, whenever you catch up with your feed, I hear that one of his first acts will be a 130% flat tax. So you'll have to pay him all of your income, plus take out loans in order to meet the 130%. Sorry man. I know you tried to warn us.

To stem my Obama-fanboi-ness for just a second, I know that he's still got a lot to do, and a lot to prove, and a lot to live up to. We have.. ridiculously high expectations for him. I'm excited and terribly optimistic about the next four years. Best of luck to our new President. I think he'll need it.

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